Using The Electronic Cigarette As A Means To Stop Smoking

e-cigaretteThere are many forms of addiction in the 21st century alternate to drugs and alcohol – video games, chocolate, social networking. All of these have become socially acceptable despite their negative effects on an individual’s health and well-being. However, there is another addiction which has been evident for centuries but is still considered somewhat acceptable among the average person in the street – smoking.

The addiction to cigarettes has been noted as an addiction to the tobacco and nicotine being smoked. However, there is a great deal more to consider as it is not only the substances, but the activity itself as a means of coping with stress and anxiety. The behavior of smoking becomes a habit on which the smoker depends in order to cope with everyday problems. Due to this it is very difficult to stop; in fact, it is as difficult for a smoker to stop smoking nicotine cigarettes as for an alcoholic to stop abusing liquor.

Presently, there are numerous smoking cessation aids available on the market with the most well-known being the smoker’s patch. There is also nicotine chewing gum and a nicotine spray which provides small amounts of nicotine to the smoker. However, as was aforementioned, it is not only the substance but the behavior that the smoker is addicted to which is why many relapses can be seen when using patches, gums and sprays.

Today there is another aid known as the e cigarette. The electronic cigarette looks and feels exactly like a regular cigarette; however, it is battery operated and utilizes liquid nicotine instead of a combination of tobacco and nicotine. The liquid is heated in a chamber providing a vapor which is then ‘puffed’ by the smoker offering that ‘smoking sensation’ minus the toxins of a regular cigarette.

It may be questioned, how can an e-cigarette act as a smoking cessation aid? Well, the e-cigarette can’t stop a smoker from smoking; instead it acts as a nicotine replacement therapy which allows smoking without the health risks. Furthermore, the liquid nicotine is of a much lower level than that presented in a regular cigarette, and the smoker is able to reduce the amount of nicotine at a gradual pace moving away from the substance altogether.

Another benefit of the electronic cigarette is its cost-effectiveness. Irrespective of the frequency of your smoking habit, the cost of tobacco cigarettes is high and can cause a dent in your wallet; however, the e-cigarette is much cheaper saving you large amounts of money each month.

As was mentioned above, there are numerous health risks for people who smoke regular cigarettes, but what some smokers may not realize is that tobacco smoking can have negative influences on those around them. Chronic smokers have a greater chance of heart and lung conditions; but they also increase the chances of respiratory problems for those around them, especially children. Using electronic cigarettes reduces these health risks for both the smoker and the secondary smokers.