Quit Smoking before it is Too Late

There are a lot of you folks out there who believe that smoking will not affect your health. They don’t understand why they have to pay higher insurance premiums simple because they have chosen to smoke? The truth of the matter is very simple. If you decide to smoke, and it doesn’t matter if you smoke cigarettes, cigars or even marijuana, you will pay higher premiums on all of your life insurance policies, your medical insurance policies and even your auto insurance policies.


There is a scale of death called a mortality table. This table is the basis of all the premiums that we pay for our life insurance policies. This mortality table is primarily based on an accumulation of statistics that have been gathered and analyzed for many years about the different types of moralities that there are in our country.

Life insurance companies are fanatics when it comes to statistics. These life insurance firms have been tabulating hundreds of pages of death statistics for over a quarter of a century. They know how people die, why people die, when people die and who has died. They break the deaths into categories and then they further divide the categories into sub categories. They are aware of a dead person’s medical history and they compare this to the reason why they died.

They have reached a conclusion about smoking that should surprise no one. If you smoke cigarettes, cigars or marijuana for an extended period of time, you will die at an early age. This is why the insurance companies charge you an extra premium when you buy an insurance policy. They have proof that their company will have to pay out on a death certificate earlier than if the person was a non-smoker.

One of the major drawbacks to continuing to smoke is that people who smoke tobacco and other substances have a better chance of getting lung cancer. This is a proven fact that is indisputable. Your average cigarette has more than two thousand chemicals in each cigarette. A good many of these harmful chemicals have proven to be carcinogenic. Besides being carcinogenic, cigarette smoke has other deadly substances called arsenic and cyanide. Plus as a further negative bonus there is always an accumulation of tar that is leftover in the lungs. This tar will sooner or later turn cancerous.

If you think that chewing tobacco will be the healthy answer, think again. Chewing tobacco is the same if not worse. If an insurance company knows that you chew tobacco then you will be required to pay a higher insurance premium.

Recent studies have shown that nicotine is also harmful in other parts of the body. It can promote high blood pressure and heart failure. There is some good news however, if you have used these products for some time you can be exempt from this higher rate. The bottom line is simply to quit and live a long and prosperous life.