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There is one unique thing about selling property. Unlike other objects that should stay at its original condition when we want to sell it to other people, property sale ‘allows’ people to use their imagination and creativity in ‘modifying’ their property. There is only one goal for this action: to improve the property value.
Increasing your property value is crucial especially if you have some convincing proof that the original value of your property would not attract people to become your potential buyer. In this case, of course, increasing your property value is not the only way you can do. However, it is very efficient in reaching the goal. Well, it surely involves with extra cost you should spend for the improvement idea which amount will depend on your own taste.
Modifying your property may be useful in increasing your property value, but please do remember one thing. Modification never leaves the original form. The reason is quite simple. From a financial aspect, you will need more money for the modification design rather than building a new one. From the customer’s perspective, as best estate agent Ayrshire and estate agents ayr discovered, leaving the original form of a property will lead people to unwillingness to choose your property. Original form is still important because it has a unique value, especially if your property has lasted for quite a long time. There is a unique and worthy history remains inside the property. So, it is not just a place where people live. In some cases, people will even have more interest in purchasing old properties with tons of history inside them rather than new properties that only offer luxury and other general things they can get from other property developers.

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Since last year, UK property market has shown a continuous, reliable indicator of the property booming. Sell house fast Scotland cover areas where property prices are rapidly growing throughout the country, even though there are still some areas that are not affected by this ‘trend’. However, the question here is not about which areas are free from the property booming. Instead, the question we should find the answer is: compared to 2013, what may happen in this year? Is it going to be different or same with the previous year?

In the last 3 years, since 2010, UK property market has shown 8.8% growth of house price. This rate is equivalent to £14,000. At the other side, general property market has grown 0.7% each month. In January 2014, property price has reached £176,491, breaking the record in 2008. At this level, there are so many speculations about what makes it so high. However, there is one sure thing we know from this number: property customers are no longer in their best confidence in purchasing properties.

Here are some facts about current UK property market (updated January 2014) as recorded by Land Registry:

•  House prices increase by 2.6% in January 2014, breaking the record of the same month last year (about 10% higher). At this rate, most properties sold in London are ranged between £400,000 and £500,000 or even higher. While, at this rate, property developer can earn higher profits than last year, there are fewer people than last year who can afford a house. This situation forces people to find other houses far away from London that offers a better price.

•  Annual record shows that this year, house prices has reached 5.4% growth rate. Within the same period, individual income only grows 1%.

•  South East and London affect the whole country’s property market which is fast growing up to 3% per year.

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There are 3 main business growth strategies: intensive, integrative, and diversification. In order to reach optimum business growth result, all steps must be done sequentially. At business startup scotland this means you can only proceed to integrative growth and diversification strategies once you have done with the intensive business growth strategies. Doing the opposite may lead to completely ruined strategies that will surely ruin your business.

When it comes to integrative business growth, horizontal, backward, and forward are three important strategies that you should immediately implement to your business. Each of them comes with detailed explanation as follows:

  1. Horizontal strategy involves eliminating your business competitor(s) through business merger. This is a simple business strategy that not only will boost your business growth, but also eliminate any possible barrier that may block your way to success.
  2. Once you have implemented the horizontal strategy, you need to consider about applying backward strategy. This strategy involves another buying activity. However, unlike previous strategy that ‘requires’ company merger as the suggested solution, at this time you ‘need’ to take control of your business supply chain. There are two alternatives at this point, whether you want to build internal business division that is responsible for the supply chain or take some money to purchase one or may be more of your business suppliers. Benefits you can get including cheaper and faster products manufacturing activity as well as research and development.
  3. Forward, as the last integrative business growth strategies involve another purchase activities. However, this time you should deal with the distribution chain. In the other words, you should take control of your distribution chain by buying one or more component companies that run the chain.

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